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Selected Coffin Texts

I am working on a comparative analysis of creation texts over at the Biblical Hermaneutics Q&A at Stack Exchange and found the following selections from the Coffin Texts very difficult to locate. In order to complete this piece, I had to drive about an hour to a nearby library to photocopy a couple of spells from R. O. Faulkner's translation of the Coffin Texts titled "Ancient Egyptian Coffin Texts" which number three volumes. I do not find placing the entirety of these texts within my respond at the BE.SE site to be very aesthetically pleasing, but also want to have the texts available for readers sot that they may fully understand the context of the texts being discussed and analyze them in their fullness so I have reproduced a few selections below under the doctrine of fair use so that I may reference them.

Spell 77

I am the soul of Shu which is in the flame of the fiery blast which Atum kindled with his own hand. He created orgasm and fluid(?) fell from his mouth. He spat me out as Shu together with Tefenut, who came forth after me as the Great Ennead, the daughter of Atum, who shines on the gods. I was set in it as son and daughter of Nut, she with the braided hair who bore the gods. Such am I.

Spell 80

O you eight Chaos-gods, being veritable Chaos-gods, who encircle the sky with your arms, who gather together sky and earth for Geb, Shu fashioned you in chaos, in the Abyss, in darkness and in gloom, and he allots you to Geb and Nut, while Shu is everlasting and Tefenut is eternity. I am the soul of Shu at the head of the celestial kine, who ascends to heaven at his desire who descends to earth at his wish. Come joyfully at meeting the god in me, for I am Shu who Atum fashioned, and this garment of mine is the air of life. A cry for me went forth(?) from the mouth of Atum, the air opened up upon my ways. It is I who make the sky light after darkness, my pleasant colour is (due to) the air which goes forth after me from the mouth of Atum, and the storm-cloud of the sky is my efflux; hail-storms and half-darkness are my sweat(?) The length of this sky belongs to my strides, the width of this earth belongs to my settlements(?). I am he whom Atum created, and I am bound for my place of eternity. I am Everlasting, who fashioned the Chaos-gods, reproduced(?) by the spittle of Atum which issued from his mouth when he used his hand; his saliva(?) will be made to fall to the earth.
Thus said Atum: Tefenut is my living daughter, and she shall be with her brother Shu; ‘Living One’ is his name, ‘Righteousness’ is her name. I live with my two children, I live with my two fledglings, for I am in the midst of them, both of them follow after my body, and I lie down and live with my daughter Ma’et; one within me and one behind me. I stand up because of them both, their arms being about me. It is my son who will live, whom I begot in my name. He knows how to nourish him who is in the egg in the womb for me, namely the human beings who came forth from my eye which sent out while I was alone with Nu in lassitude, and I could find no place on which to stand or sit, when On had not yet been founded that I might dwell in it, when my throne(?) had not yet been put together that I might sit on it; before I had made Nut that she might be above me. Before the first generation had been born, before the Primeval Ennead had come into being that they might dwell with me.
Thus said Atum to Nu: I am on the flood-waters, being very weary, and the patricians are inert; it is Geb who lives and lifts up my heart, he nourishes my heart, he has gathered together these very weary members of mine.
Nu said to Atum: Kiss your daughter Ma’et, out her at your nose, that your heart may live, for she will not be far from you; Ma’et is your daughter and you son is Shu whose name lives. Eat of your daughter Ma’et; it is your son Shu who will raise you up.
I indeed am one who lives, son of Atum; he has fashioned me with his nose, I have gone froth from his nostrilsl I put myself on his neck and he kisses me with my sister Ma’et. He rises daily when he issues from his egg which the god who went up shining(?) fashioned. There is said to him ‘Hail!’ by those who begot him, who are in the horizon; I make his father to live, the crew of whose bark are the Unwearying ones, the life of living flesh.
I am the living one who knits on heads, who makes necks firm, and who nourishes throats. I knit Atum together, I make firm the head of Isis on her neck, I knit together the spine of Khopri for him, I am the far-travelling sunshine which daily brings the sky to Atum for the nose of Re. I will come and go, I will open the way for Re that he may voyage to the western horizon. I am… at his nose, my arms are under him, I save him from Apep when he travels to the western horizon. I make to flourish the neck which is in the Night-bark and in the Day-bark, my breath has gone forth today from the west and the east into the body of Nut. Him whom I fashion daily, he sets me at his nose, does my father Atum; I knit on his head, I make firm his neck and I make firm the head of Isis on her neck, I reassemble the limbs of Osiris, I gather his bones together, I make his seed to flourish, I make his flesh hale, I give him food-offerings, and the bull of the West makes him endure.
I am a living one, possessor of years, and I live for ever and ever. Atum achieved eldership through his power when he fashioned Shu and Tefnut in On; when he was alone in his existence, without me; when he separated Geb from Nut, before the first generation had been born, before the primeval Enneads had come into being, and they shall be with me. He conceived me in his nose and I make out of his nostrils, He has set me on his neck and will not let me be far from him; I, my name and my son are alive, (even he) the Primeval God, I live on the… of my father Atum, I am the living one who is on his neck and my throat is made to flourish, (even I) whom Atum made into the Grain-god when he caused me to go down into this land, to the Island of Fire, when I became Osiris, the son of Geb. I am the living one who made for himself the length of the sky and the breadth of Geb, that there might come into existence the food-offerings which were led into me(?) for the god. My father Atum kisses me when he goes forth from the eastern horizon, and his heart is at peace at seeing me he proceeds in peace to the western horizon, and he finds me in his path; I knit on his head and make his uraeus to live; I make the head of Isis firm on her neck, I gather the bones daily. There live falcons, ducks, jackals in movement, pigs in the desert hippopotami in the marshes, people, corn and shoals of fish, fish in the waters which are in the Nile, in accordance with the command of Atum that OI should govern them and nourish them with this mouth of mine. My life is what is in their nostrils, I guide their breath into their throats, I knot on their heads with this authority of mine which is on my lips, which my father Atum who came forth from the eastern horizon gave to me, and I nourish the hddw-fish and the snakes which are on the back of Geb; I indeed will live beneath Nut.

Spell 222

Recitation: the [august god] who is in his egg has commanded that N breathe the air in the realm of the dead, [and that there be given to him the sweet air] which is in N’s nostrils. O N, seek out that great place which is in [Wnw]; O N, [guard] this egg of the Great Cackler. [If] N [be strong], it will be strong; if N live, it will live; if N breath the air, it will breathe the air. h1>Spell 222 Spell for breathing air in the realm of the dead. O Atum, give me this sweet air which is in your nostrils, for I am this egg which is in the Great Cackler, I am the guardian of this great prop which separates the earth from the sky. If I live, it will live; if I grow old, it will grow old; if I breathe the air, it will breathe the air. I am he who splits iron, I have gone round about the egg, (even I) the Lord of Tomorrow.

Spell 714

I am Nu, the Sole one who has no equal, and I came into being yonder on the great occasion of my flood, when I came into being. I am he who flew up, whose shape is (that of) Dbnn who is in his egg; I am he who originated in the abyss, and see, the Chaos-god came out to me; see, I am hale. I brought my body into being through my power; I am one who made myself, and I formed myself at my will according to my desire. What went forth from me was under my supervision; it means that tears are what I created in him who was angry with me, and men of the blind ones are my cattle…

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